*looking over smoothie menu at The Morning Trade in Durban* “Hey what does that granadilla smoothie taste like?”

“Um… granadilla flavored” – Smoothie Girl 1

*blank expression*

“It’s passion fruit, honey” – Smoothie Girl 2


  • granadilla     (500g whole, 8 medium sized fruit)
  • eggs                (2 whole, 1 yolk)
  • sugar              (100g)
  • butter             (100g)
  1. remove grandilla pulp, separate eggs, cube butter
  2. add all ingredients to double boiler
  3. stir / whisk as ingredients thicken (about 15 minutes)

A week or so after the smoothie snafu, I picked up my granadillas at Woolworths along with the other necessary ingredients. They sat idle on my counter while I was in Swaziland for the weekend and contemplated starting a “food blog”. I returned on Sunday evening with just enough time to cook and take some pictures and the right amount of motivation to open up a WordPress account and document my side project. With Animal Nature cued up on YouTube, I spread out all of my materials and got to work.

The fruits were much harder than I expected, but a sharp knife did the job. Note that the granadillas leak juice when opened. I found that the easiest way to manage was to slice while holding together with thumb and middle finger. Open the slices over your pulp receptacle and scoop out the seeds with a small spoon.

I realized only after prepping ingredients that my temporary apartment did not have a metal bowl to use for double boiler. Two pots worked just fine but I had to make sure to watch the steam that came up the sides and to refill the bottom pot. Also, I used less sugar than I found in other recipes. Also also, I was supposed to use caster sugar. All those ‘mistakes’ aside… taste testers were still pleased.


Sponge Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Granadilla Curd

And if you ever go to Durban (you should!) enjoy The Morning Trade (on Station Drive) every Sunday from 8AM to 1PM.


*meta* Hey readers. Consider granadilla the beta test of DontFearYourFood. I’ve had this concept on my mind for a while now and the only way to get it out was to put it online. There’s a lot of things I’d like to tweak and improve upon (e.g. photo quality, my writing, what I’ll post about) but I could either mull these over and launch an extremely well thought out website (that I’ll probably still want to change) in 100 years or I could launch now and improve along the way. Enjoy!

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2 replies on “Granadilla

  1. We grew, should say I grew, passion fruit in Vieques. I think I might have some saved seeds somewhere and should try to plant them here if Florida. I see you made a custard, interesting! I just used to put all the pulp in a blender with a little water and pulse in just enough not to break the seeds and strain it and save the juice in the freezer for when ever we wanted passion fruit juice. I did have to search for the correct variety because not all passion flower plants give fruit. I think I got the seeds from a fruit in a local market.

    What fun, your mom just turned me onto to you blog so I am starting to read from the first post.

    I almost bought you a book on molecular cooking one year for Christmas.

    So glad to hear about your adventures.

    Love ya, Karen


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