I’ve resolved to leave my current career in pursuit of long term (as long as I can get) travel. Partly spurred by the recent breakup, largely┬áinfluenced by feeling unfulfilled with my current job, but mostly due to the desire to fulfill the growing desire to dedicate a portion of my life to vagabonding and knowing that now is the best time to go on an adventure like this.

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Hey y’all. Took a bit of effort to get this second post out.

A few weeks ago I made pho. Partly inspired by the latest Lucky Peach issue (which never came in the mail…), partly inspired by my missing of lunch hour Bridgeport Little Asia trips, but mostly inspired by the fact that it was a dish I had not created before. Inspiration hit me at the top of the Bald Mountain trail in Aitken State Park (Vermont) during a weekend solo camping trip. It was a great self-reflective weekend of writing in the journal, reading Steppenwolf (Herman Hesse), and spectacular views.

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