I’ve resolved to leave my current career in pursuit of long term (as long as I can get) travel. Partly spurred by the recent breakup, largely influenced by feeling unfulfilled with my current job, but mostly due to the desire to fulfill the growing desire to dedicate a portion of my life to vagabonding and knowing that now is the best time to go on an adventure like this.

I’ve reacted to this realization in a few interesting ways:


  1. I packed everything in my apartment as if I was leaving tonight (I’m not for another 8 – 10 weeks) and started trying to understand what items I really need as I remove them from boxes. Got this one from The Minimalists.
  2. I started saying “no” to all the happy-hour / eating out temptations in an effort to save every last penny. Each dollar saved started taking on entirely new contexts for me; Rolf Potts pointed out that “for the price of a home-delivered pepperoni pizza, you can eat great meals for a week in Brazil”.
  3. I started scheduling all the things that I want to do before I leave New Haven and start living the life of the proverbial vagabond.


One of the things that got scheduled was a homebrew with my Carpool*. We decided to hurry the event together to ensure that we’d be able to drink the finished beer together. Nathan and Jeff came over to my apartment on Sunday morning to follow a recipe from The Mad Fermentationist.
Per usual carpool logistics, we got off to a bit of a disorganized start. I started the boil in a different kettle than we ended up using, Jeff didn’t arrive with the mash-tun until a few hours after starting, and I don’t think any of us had a clear idea of how we were to do extraction calculations for the all-grain recipe. Nevertheless, everything went along as well as we could have hoped – and it was a beautiful day to homebrew.


The batch went into Nathan’s fermentation cooler back at his new apartment around 3PM as we concluded the weekend. Answering the Monday morning “How was the weekend?” question from co-workers is always easier for me when I have an activity like this under my belt.


Beer should be ready to drink within 4-5 weeks.


*ask me more about my Carpool
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2 replies on “Homebrew

  1. All your posts make me think of something to comment about. A friend of mine gave her boyfriend a gift of brewing beer for Christmas. When they were done they asked for the hops wrapped in the cheese cloth to feed the birds in their back yard. Their hound Zeke, (a not very pleasant dog) got into it and had to have serious surgery and consequently had an infection and had to go back to the vet for more care, and my friend is a nurse. All in all it cost 12 grand to take care of Zeke. So they named the beer Zeke 12K.


    1. Thanks for allllll of your comments, Karen! Your little stories made me laugh and tear up. I’ll keep sharing and hope it sparks some more memories for you


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