T-Minus 6.5 days until take-off to Cartagena. Although everyone keeps referring to this date (October 20th) as the day “the adventure begins”, I think it has already begun. I’ve been out of work since last Friday and couch surfing around CT has been in full effect. I joked about being homeless through in reality, my position is completely voluntary and I have plenty of offers of places to spend the night from friends and my parents’ house is never more than an hour of wherever I am during the day.

I’m enjoying the practice of planning on my toes. Feeling comfortable with the uncertainty of the specifics of where the day will take me but always with the feeling of a safety net. My number of possessions has gone down drastically as well. I’ve gone from an apartment full of things, to two Subaru Foresters full of things, to having all my necessary items packed neatly into the trunk of my car. By the 20th, I plan to get this down to one 46L pack: everything I’ll need to take with me.
Thank you to those friends who have given me a place to sleep at night and have kept my evenings full of conversation. Starting with my parents for the first 18 years of my life (plus a few months in 2012 and a few more months in 2014) and a few nights over the past few weeks. To Kathleen, Gus & Chloe. To Derek. To Nathan. To Jon. To Angel & James. To Come. To Brittany.
I’ve moved back into my apartment on Greene St for the rest of this week. But on Sunday morning I’ll say goodbye for the year to the apartment as well as my roommates, Galen and Jeff. From there it’s a wedding on Sunday, visit my brother on Monday, spend time with my parents on Tuesday, get to New York on Wednesday, and fly fly away on Thursday morning.

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