After completing my  OW dive certification, I planned to take a one or two day trip to either Tayrona Park or to Palomino. Meeting with two Chilean girls in the hostel who said that they would go to Palomino the following day made this an easy decision.

So I spent a free day in Taganga showing them to the beach with the fishermen, we rented some paddle-boards, and ate ceviche. In the night we planned our trip to Palomino and had some drinks on the beach.


Woke up, had some breakfast and packed a day pack for Palomino. The girls would stay in Palomino for 2 nights and then go to Tayrona while I planned to go for one night and head back to Taganga. We took the shuttle to Santa Marta where we would catch our shuttle to Palomino. Semi-suprisingly, it only cost us $9.000 for the 2 and 1/2 hour journey. However, the bus did break down three times and after the passing motorcycle failed to jumpstart us, we were ushered off the bus and grabbed the next passing bus headed in the right direction. It may not be a perfect system, but you can trust that you’ll get where you need to go.

Upon arriving to Palomino, I was happy to see that it had exactly what was promised. Beautiful beaches, a few surfers, hammocks by the water, and nothing else. We rented some hammocks right by the ocean, took in some sun, and fell asleep to the sound of the crashing waves.


In the morning, I had some snacks and cafe tinto before saying goodbye to Cata and Nico and hopping on my bus back to Taganga around noon. The bus was the same cost but much nicer and I was awarded the pleasure of watching Colombian music videos the whole ride back.

All coffee is beautiful

When I arrived back to Santa Marta there was torrential rain. The roads were like rivers and there was incredible traffic everywhere. I decided this would be a great time to wander around and look for a place to get my beard trimmed. The head had really been getting to me the last few days and I was desperate. Thankfully I found two really nice Venezuelean ladies to help me out. Not knowing the word for shave or trim at the time, I just asked for “una barba pequena… mas pequena… mas pequena… perfecto!” They only charged me $3.000… likely because they discovered a handsome gringo underneath all the scruff.

Semi exhausted from the travels and rain I took a day off from adventuring to order in a pizza to the hostel with Milena and watch Will Smith speak Spanish in a dubbed version of Seven Pounds.

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