(Past) New Years

​I’m starting 2017 with a reflection on my New Year celebration in Spain two years ago. It was another check mark on my new year / new city goal (I tick this year’s box in Sihanoukville, Cambodia). I have been wanting to share a bit of the Spain story in general but I also think my feelings towards the unknown and yearly transitions are particularly apt as I enter my first days of travel in Asia. I pulled this story from the journal I kept back then. Two years of mental digestion later, I can see glaring hints of the person I was becoming and the journey I was preparing to take.

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Colombia Summary

That’s a wrap… 59 days in Colombia and the end of Chapter 1. I’m heading to the aiport within the hour. Although I am extremely happy to be going home to be with my family and very excited for my next adventure, I am wishing I could stay longer. I got to see a lot but there’s a long list of places in the country that I would have also visited if I had more time. Hasta la próxima, Colombia.

For those of you who didn’t want to read though every little rambling of mine in past posts, this entry will serve as a little summary of what I’ve been up to with links if you want to read more. For those of you who wish they hadn’t missed out on those ramblings, click the “follow” button and type in your email address to get the latest posts sent to you. (And if anyone has any tips for Cambodia and its neighboring countries, please send my way)

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