That’s a wrap… 59 days in Colombia and the end of Chapter 1. I’m heading to the aiport within the hour. Although I am extremely happy to be going home to be with my family and very excited for my next adventure, I am wishing I could stay longer. I got to see a lot but there’s a long list of places in the country that I would have also visited if I had more time. Hasta la próxima, Colombia.

For those of you who didn’t want to read though every little rambling of mine in past posts, this entry will serve as a little summary of what I’ve been up to with links if you want to read more. For those of you who wish they hadn’t missed out on those ramblings, click the “follow” button and type in your email address to get the latest posts sent to you. (And if anyone has any tips for Cambodia and its neighboring countries, please send my way)

1. I arrive to Colombia, landing in Cartagena. I get to eat my first arepa made in Colombia on the street corner. I explore a few days for a few days with highlights being the Street Art Tour and a last night out with local friends and a fellow traveler.
Esta es mi primera arepaCartagena

2. I go east along the coast to Taganga. I find a second home at the Villa Mary hostel and obtain my Open Water Dive Certification. I eat some local fish, meet new friends and join them on an overnight trip to Palomino to sleep in hammocks by the ocean. I return to Taganga to obtain my Advanced Dive Certifiaction from Reef Shepard. I feel grateful for not making a plan when I see my last sunset from the Villa Mary roof.
TagangaDonde esta el autobus a PalominoAdvanced Taganga

3. I fly to and discover Medellín, a city with so much to offer. I stumble upon Pergamino Café and become a regular. I take a free walking tour with Pablo and learn a lot more about the city’s history. My computer breaks from blogging too much. I explore Guatapé and start Spanish classes at Toucan. I watch a few Colombian futbol matches and practice my Spanish with locals in Parque Poblado. I write a love letter to David Bowie in my second week of spanish classes. I overdo it at the Maridaje Wine and Food Festival.
Cities that I loveFree Walking Tour – Medellin 1/?Medellin 1/2

4. I bus to Manizales with a fellow vagabond and stay a hostel with an amazing view in Morrogacho. I make friends with the baristas in a coffee shop and wander into coffee fincas to learn more about my favorite thing and help them sort beans for the day. I start following dogs as a hobby. I get invited to a new friend´s uncle´s finca for the weekend. I ride a stuffed Jeep and I learn a lot from Wilbur about coffee, machetes, Aguardiente, and love.
Manizales Near Manizales

5. I take my time in Salento while learning more about coffee and hiking. I discover the best sport in the world, Tejo. I play games, trade riddles, and do yoga with the backpackers cycling through.
Salento / More Coffee

6. Final stop in Bogotá for a week and a half to see what the city has to offer. I discover the vibrant cultural scene and meet extremely nice people. I stay with a friend that I met in Medellín and get a great balance of local life and exploring the city with fresh eyes.
What to do in Bogotá when you’re staying with a friend and when you’re on your own

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