Shave and a Haircut

Me: “Namaste. English?”

Barber: *hand waggle* (Indian to English translation: “Nope.”)

Me: “OK let’s try this…” *finger scissors around sides of head, point to hair on top and cross arms in a ‘NO’ sign, karate chop motion on both sides of bearded face* (Kyle to English translation: “Please take a bit off the sides, don’t touch the top, and shave my beard clean off.”)

Barber: *head wiggle* (Indian to English translation: “You got it.”)

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Postmarked from India

Dear K (in the past),

I hope (I know) that this letter will find you well in Hanoi. I’m writing to tell you that, in the end, you will love India. You may already expect this; I did. But although the first week with your friends will be great (with the exception of a few days of Delhi Belly), once you start back out again on your own, you will have a more trying time than you expected. There’s a few things you could start doing now in order to better prepare yourself.

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