Good morning! You’ve just arrived in a city you’ve never been to before. You don’t know anyone here. There are no obvious tourist attractions. How are you going to ‘waste’ your day?

Step 1: Find somewhere to store your bag for cheap. This can be in a rail station for 16 rupees, behind a bar for the promise to buy a chocolate smoothie, or in a Danish hostel locker for the price of a tale about your life.

Step 2: Walk. Walk until you have an idea of where the city starts and ends. Don’t wait for the interesting things to be brought to you but rather wander until things become interesting.

Step 3: Sit. Sit and observe what those around you are up to. Walking will take you to the right place to sit.

Step 4: Read. If sitting for too long gets boring, let the writing of others take you away for a bit.

Step 5: Write. If someone else hasn’t already captured your current feelings in writing, capture them yourself.

Step 6: Find a free art gallery or a coffee shop with a steady stream of people coming through. Used bookstores or stacks of books on the street can also provide a hour or two of interesting covers and summaries even if you don’t buy anything.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2 through 6 until it’s late in the day.

Step 8: Find a lookout point facing West to watch the sunset. As the day closes, take pride in the fact that you just ‘wasted’ a full day. Not every day has to be filled with noteworthy experiences that you’ll share with others. On wasted days you’ll get a different type of experience. You’ll probably meet someone who will share a piece of themselves with you or you’ll stumble upon a piece of art or nature which opened up a new dimension of your self. But most importantly you won’t be worried about where you’ve come from or think much about what is coming next.

Step 9: Find a place to sleep.

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