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Once again, an expiring visa is the reason I move on to the next country. As excited as I am to begin my next adventure, South Africa was a particularly tough country to leave behind. I’ve left a big chunk of my heart there and know that I’ll return to pick it back up again. The next chapter of my journey begins this week as I head to Namibia to make some new friends and hopefully organize a road trip to see the country together.

A short post today since I’ve spent the past few days recovering from something flu-like or maybe just a symptom of hyposouthafricanitis.
I spent my last week in Cape Town after leaving Jelmer behind in Oudtshoorn (Update: The Beast is back up and running and Jelmer has made it through Addo Elephant Park and is en route to Johannesburg to pick up his father for the next leg of the trip). Upon arriving, I started to realize what spending 3 months in a country does for your reputation there. Within the first 24 hours:
  • I get tapped on the shoulder while grocery shopping by a guest of the hostel where I served as bartender.
  • After seeing my friend off to a shark diving trip, someone in the van turns to her and says “Is that Kyle you were just talking to?”
  • While lounging on the couch, a couple I shared Amarula shots with in Johannesburg walks into the hostel; “Oh you’re staying here too?”
  • After a few minutes of chatting with Jabu, the bartender in my Cape Town hostel, we realize that we overlapped a few weeks of both working at CurioCity with tons of mutual friends.
First annual CurioCity bartender’s meetup in Cape Town
During my time in Cape Town, I revisited a lot of the things that have made me happy on my previous three trips there and did some new things as well.
  • I hiked up Table Mountain this time from the Botanical Gardens on the last sunny morning in the city. Just before the big storm that gave some much-needed water back but did some damage on its own.
  • I visited TRUTH Coffee more times than you would think for a 5-day visit to the area and restocked on beans for the unknown coffee situation in Namibia.
  • After thinking I have successfully visited all the restaurants along Bree and Long street worth visiting, I discover the slightly hidden Galbi, a Korean Barbecue that serves up a variety of game meat. We had springbok, ostrich, zebra, and warthog.
  • Craft beer and wine tasting including a visit to Woodstock Brewery chosen after sampling at the food market at the Waterfront.



Side street leading to TRUTH



Korean BBQ’d ostrich, flavored by mild guilt after meeting Betsy last week


I had no idea when I first arrived last year that the Rainbow Nation would become a second home for me. I remember during my exit interviews last year, my HR department said they’d have to reconsider sending anyone to South Africa again because everyone seems to quit after they return. I argued that it takes a certain type of person to ask for a short-term international assignment, a certain type that wants some type of big change anyways; it wasn’t South Africa but rather the person asking to go. Looking back though it might only be half true. There is an energy in the country that makes you want to work for a life bigger than the one you already have. I’ll always be inspired by the people I’ve met here.

So goodbye, for now, Rainbow Nation. I’m sure I’ll see you again much sooner than I could guess right now. Thank you so much to all of my families of travelers and locals from Durban to JoBurg, Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Nieu-Bethesda and beyond. You’ve made this country for me.

“My country is rich in the minerals and gems that lie beneath its soil, but I have always known that its greatest wealth is its people, finer and truer than the purest diamonds” – Nelson Mandela

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