Peekaboo from Buenos Aires

From the outside, there probably doesn’t appear to be much logic to my itinerary. When last reading about Africa, one might not expect me to follow with: “Hello from the hip and happening Buenos Aires, Argentina!” But then here we are…
In order to get closer to my current mindset, please listen to this playlist before, during, or after reading. Gracias a Andrea y las bandas Argentinas de los 80!

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How To: Be A Victim of Theft

A new type of post in a (potentially) continuing series of “how to” articles.
If you travel for long enough there is a nearly unavoidable fact that you’re going to lose some things along the way. This loss could be something that’s really your own fault such as the careless act of leaving your towel hanging on the clothesline while rushing to make your bus, leaving a debit card inside an ATM, or letting your socks dry a bit too close to the fire*. Theft, on the other hand, will never be your own fault.

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Camping in Northern Namibia

This past Thursday ended a 31-day camping trip across Namibia with some new friends that I had made in Windhoek. What does one do in Namibia for a month as a group of friendly strangers? Personally, I started by heading West and then South and to see some of the more well known Namibian attractions such as Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon. After the first 10 days, we (Alvaro, Andrea, and myself) returned back to Windhoek to drop off our fourth travel partner Ellie before driving out again to conquer the North. Driving and camping in this part of the country is not for the faint of heart and our fully kitted 4×4 proved to be all too necessary (Van Zyl’s Pass, anyone?). But our rewards for braving the trails were far beyond what I expected. Add Namibia to the growing list of countries with more to offer than I could have possibly imagined back home. A typical day on the road went something like this…

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Windhoek, Southern Namibia, and Back Again

(No WiFi while camping so expect another 2-ish week delay before any more updates on Namibian adventures)
Overheard on a Cape-Town to Windhoek overnight bus…
“Well, when this bus arrives in Windhoek, I’m planning to stay at a backpackers and try to meet some other people to rent a car together and spend a few weeks camping and exploring the country,” I explained.
“But you don’t know anyone there? And you’ve never been to Namibia before?” Jake asked, looking at me like I was crazy.
“Hahaha well no… But I’ll figure it out when I get there, right?”  I answered my new Namibian friend, feeling like I might be.

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South Africa, I Love You But You’re Kicking Me Out

To the tune of LCD Soundsystem
Once again, an expiring visa is the reason I move on to the next country. As excited as I am to begin my next adventure, South Africa was a particularly tough country to leave behind. I’ve left a big chunk of my heart there and know that I’ll return to pick it back up again. The next chapter of my journey begins this week as I head to Namibia to make some new friends and hopefully organize a road trip to see the country together.

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Road Trip To…

Remember all of those uniquely amazing individuals I said I had met at CurioCity in Maboneng?  Well, one of them was Jelmer, a Dutchman who flew from Amsterdam to Johannesburg to buy a car and “drive it North to Sudan or Kenya” over the course of six months. We arrived at the hostel a day apart and in our initial chats, our complementary situations became apparent: he was looking for someone to join him on an initial practice trip to Cape Town and I was looking for a ride just about anywhere before my visa ran out.

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Bartending in Maboneng

Late post this week because I’ve been spending far more time living it than writing about it. For the last two weeks in May, I was staying at CurioCity Backpackers in the Maboneng Precinct of Johannesburg. I’m on the road again now, en route to Cape Town with a few overnight stops along the way.

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