Road Trip To…

Remember all of those uniquely amazing individuals I said I had met at CurioCity in Maboneng?  Well, one of them was Jelmer, a Dutchman who flew from Amsterdam to Johannesburg to buy a car and “drive it North to Sudan or Kenya” over the course of six months. We arrived at the hostel a day apart and in our initial chats, our complementary situations became apparent: he was looking for someone to join him on an initial practice trip to Cape Town and I was looking for a ride just about anywhere before my visa ran out.

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Nieu Job

Nieu-Bethesda: the small town in the Karoo that’s been my home for the longest stretch since starting this journey. Yesterday saw the end of my month-long stay. One of the most challenging parts of travel for me is leaving a favorite place again and again and again…

Regardless of what the afternoon or single-night domestic tourists have said, I feel like I could have spent years there before running out of things to do; there were always things happening at The Brewery and Two Goats Deli (where I worked in exchange for room and board) and my days off saw no shortage of hikes in the surrounding hills and canyons. Days in town were either spent at a coffee shop or book store (typical) or at the local attractions of Owl House or Kitching Fossil Centre. A few external factors threatened my perfect day in Nieu-Bethesda: poor weather, thorns and bee stings, dog puke, bar fights, larceny. But despite their (relatively infrequent) attacks I managed to live some version of the below almost every day:

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